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Obtaining Your Transcript

Note:  Students who attended High Point University prior to 1984 must provide a copy of a form of photo identification along with the completed transcript request  by mail, fax, or email: Legacy Transcript Services. Only one recipient may be identified per request form.

For students who attended High Point University after 1984, online transcripts requests can be made via the National Student Clearinghouse or in person at the Office of the Registrar in several formats:

  • Mailed or Electronic: Through the National Student Clearinghouse, current and former students can request electronic transcripts in the form of a PDF or mailed paper transcripts.  The charge for PDF or USPS mailed transcripts is $5.00 per transcript. Additional charges apply for express mailing via FedEx.

  • Mailed transcripts are printed on security paper, bear the official University seal and signature of the University Registrar, and are mailed directly to other institutions or agencies in sealed envelopes.  Transcripts will not be considered official if faxed, emailed or released directly to student or alumni.

  • Electronic transcripts are secure PDF documents delivered either to a participating university via Electronic Transfer or to an individual through the National Student Clearinghouse’s secure portal.  PDF transcripts are processed and delivered on demand. Please note that we cannot produce electronic PDF transcripts for students who attended prior to 1984.  If a PDF transcript is sent directly to a student’s personal email address, it will NOT be considered official.

Other Important Information

Only one recipient may be identified per request form.

Hold for Grades/Degree: When placing an order through the National Student Clearinghouse, you may choose to release your transcript after grades have been posted and/or after degrees have been awarded.  Note: This option is not available for pick-up only requests.

Inclement Weather or University Holidays: In the event of inclement weather or a university holiday, all transcript requests, including FedEx expedited orders, will be delayed until the next working business day.  Please consult the University website for other holiday schedules and inclement weather notices.

Note:  Students applying to an HPU graduate program do NOT need to request an official transcript.   In the case that you do electronically request your official transcript from HPU, your money will not be refunded.

Official transcript requests in person or via the National Student Clearinghouse will NOT be released for students with an outstanding financial obligation to the University.  For questions regarding financial accounts, call the Student Accounts Office at (336) 841-9259.

Career and Professional Development

PantherLink is a job search platform exclusively for High Point University students and alumni. Jobs are posted directly by the employer or through the Office of Career and Professional Development.  PantherLink, powered by College Central Network, allows students and alumni to access full-time, part-time, summer, and High Point Market jobs as well as internships and volunteer opportunities targeted especially to High Point University students.

Join the HPU Alumni LinkedIn group and start connecting today. 

Library Services

HPU alumni are welcome to visit the library during open campus hours from 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.  Access to library databases, digital archives, and other materials are available in house. Please note that printing and material checkout is limited to students, faculty and staff.  Need assistance?  Contact Director of Library Services, David Bryden, at (336) 841-9215 or dbryden@highpoint.edu.

Learn more about Library Services for alumni and guests here.



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