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Major: Elementary Education

How positive and significant was the impact that High Point University had on your life?

“High Point College gave me a sense of confidence that I had never before.  My experience made me feel that I was a worthy person and able to direct the lives of young people in my profession.  My focus at HPU was always on my students.  They were first.  They were my life.  They challenged me, made me a better person and enriched my life by giving me love, respect and humility.”

When you think about your time at HPU, what do you miss the most?

“I miss the interaction with students the most out of anything. I always encouraged my students to stretch themselves and be the best they could be. I keep in contact with students from 1968 through today who still come to see me. I even taught Dr. Dennis Carroll in a January session.”

While at HPC/HPU, who was the person who made the most impact on you?

“My students definitely made the most impact on me. They accepted me, respected me and showed that they loved me. I felt that I gained so much by working at my alma mater. Every day I would ask myself, “what did I do today to make a difference in the student’s life?” Because I did not have children, the students fulfilled that need and I felt blessed to be a part of their life.”

When considering your relationship with High Point University, which aspects do you identify with most, or where is your strongest sense of connection?

“Aside from former students, I definitely have a strong sense of connection with Dr. Qubein, Don Scarborough, Chris and Kristy Dudley, and my colleagues – they always supported me and always wanted me to be successful. I am also very happy that Tubby Smith is back at HPU – while at HPC, we were able to watch his and Donna’s love life blossom.”


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