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High Point University parents, Maria and Domenico “Dom” Del Monaco have given a gift of $100,000 towards the HPU Fund for Extraordinary Education. The couple are the proud parents of Julia, Gabriella “Bella” and HPU business administration major, Zachary “Zach” Del Monaco.

“As a university, our mission is to support our students throughout their educational journey. With support from our HPU families, like the Del Monacos, we are able to provide $75 million in annual scholarship funding for today’s students through the HPU Fund for Extraordinary Education,” says HPU President, Dr. Nido Qubein.

Higher education is a valued accomplishment in the Del Monaco family. Before Dom went into the construction industry, he spent four years studying business administration and two years studying architecture at the New York Institute of Technology. He also spent two years studying construction management at Long Island University. Even though Dom is now a successful business owner, he believes in always learning new skills and seeking out mentors.

“Maria and I are so pleased with all that HPU and Dr. Qubein have accomplished over the years,” says Dom Del Monaco. “We take every opportunity we have to promote HPU to our friends, family and colleagues, and talk about the extraordinary life skills and values that are taught every day at the university. Every person who visits the university knows that HPU is an institution that will grow and flourish well beyond our lifetimes.”

The desire to learn and strive towards excellence is one of the things Dom admires most about HPU. Paired with teaching as a life skills university, he believes the mentorship and guidance offered at HPU is instrumental in his son’s education and will help to set him up for success in his budding career.

Dom is the president and CEO of Red Rock Industries, a contracting company that specializes in the construction of car dealerships, recycling plants and parking garages. Red Rock Industries is a Long Island, New York based company that has expertise in site work, structural steel, concrete and more and was founded in 2001 when Dom discovered a need for a local construction company within his community.

Maria is an experienced jewelry buyer who previously worked for one of the top jewelry companies in the nation. Maria attended Long Island University for four years and studied business management before she entered the jewelry industry. Now, she owns her own jewelry company, Amber Jade, and runs the business along with their two daughters.

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