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Welcome to High Point University's
#DayforHPU Virtual Celebration


HPU Cares Fund: “The Right Thing To Do”

Members of the HPU Family have stepped up and stepped out. They have contributed to the new HPU Cares fund to support High Point University during these unimaginable times. Behind every gift is a story. Read this article to learn about two stories of generosity that are positively impacting HPU students, faculty, staff and community.

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HPU Community Orchestra
Performs “The Hours Creep on Apace”

The High Point Community Orchestra is back with another outstanding performance, “The Hours Creep on Apace” by Arthur Sullivan, as featured in the Pirates of Penzance. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the HPU Community Orchestra and Women’s Chorus!


Journaling for Mental Health

The High Point University Honors Scholar Program wants to share this recent presentation by Dr. Stacy Lipowski and Dr. Erin Trauth on mental health journaling. While we may be living in a topsy-turvy time, use these tips, tricks and guided journaling to check in and focus on self-care. Once you identify the stressors in your life, you can create a plan to overcome them and celebrate the successes!


Sing Along With the
High Point University Alma Mater

Join the High Point University Choirs in honoring our home and our university as they perform the Alma Mater on this very special #DayforHPU virtual celebration. We hope you have joined us for the all-day celebration with fellow students, faculty, staff, alumni and families.


HPU Faculty & Staff Miss Our Students

Some of our High Point University Faculty and Staff have a special message for the HPU Family on this virtual #DayforHPU. We lift up our heroes, models and mentors during this time while we cannot be together. Take a moment to watch this quick video and then reach out to thsoe you miss the most from HPU!

Enjoy "Reading with Ruby"

HPU Junior Ruby Esposito, in collaboration with Dr. Allie Blosser in the Stout School of Education, have created a YouTube Channel “Reading with Ruby” to help keep students actively reading and learning. Join Ruby as she reads “Come Back, Amelia Bedelia” by Peggy Parrish on this #DayforHPU.



HPU Dining Team Members Miss You!

Although it’s hard to beat a good home cooked meal, our HPU dining services team always provides top-notch gourmet meals for our students. Check out this special message from members of the dining services team for the HPU family! What’s your favorite dining location on campus? Share your answers at engage@highpoint.edu.


Chapel LIVE with the
HPU Chapel & Religious Life Community

The HPU Chapel and Religious Life Community presented Chapel LIVE tonight, a service focused on Campus Ministries. It featured representatives from Collision Worship Band, the Board of Stewards, Genesis Gospel Choir, Alpha Delta Theta, Campus Outreach and Campus Catholic Ministries. An Order of Service can be found here. Learn more about the HPU Chapel and Religious Life community at http://www.highpoint.edu/religiouslife.


SGA Officers Support #DayforHPU

Your High Point University Student Government Association leaders want you to join in the #DayforHPU virtual celebration today!

Find Hope with the HPU Counseling Department

During these difficult times, it’s sometimes challenging to find hope. Our HPU Counseling Department has a special message for everyone who may be struggling. Listen to their uplifting message and share your favorite quote or poem about HOPE at engage@highpoint.edu!


Share a Journey Through Reading
with the Department of English

Our Department of English faculty have a special message for the HPU family! While we cannot be together at this time, we can take a journey together with a good book.


Alumna Shares Basketball Skills
with Local Children

HPU Alumna Stacia Robertson ’14 was a member of our women’s basketball team and currently plays professional basketball in Spain. Her season was cut short due to COVID-19, so she returned to High Point, NC and connected with D-UP, Inc., a non-profit focused on fitness, health and education. Stacia has recorded basketball skills demos like this one for the children of D-UP. Check it out!


Chamber Singers Release Album on #DayforHPU

During Spring Break, the High Point University Chambers Singers ventured south on their annual choir tour for extraordinary experience and to share their talents with others. Watch this “recap” and listen to a song from their album soon to be released on Spotify.


Words of Encouragement
from HPU Theatre and Dance

Our Department of Theatre and Dance has a special message for their HPU family. Listen to what they have to say and let them know your favorite HPU performance at engage@highpoint.edu.


Student Success Spreads Cheer

Always ready to spread some smiles and a positive message, watch this video from our Student Success Team and send a message to your success coach at engage@highpoint.edu.

Find Your Joy with the Offbeats

During this time of uncertainty, the HPU Offbeats, a co-ed a cappella ensemble, want to bring some love and joy to you in the comfort of your own home! Please enjoy their virtual love as we all are so far apart, yet so close together right now on #DayforHPU!



Share Your #PantherPride with HPU Athletics

Dan Hauser, HPU Athletic Director, invites you to join in the #DayforHPU celebration today and wants to thank everyone who supports our HPU Athletics programs, teams and student-athletes. We are 16 teams and 1 family!


There Are Many Ways to Say Hello!

Bonjour! Hola! Salve! Guten Tag! Zdravstvuyte! The faculty from the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures have a message for their students and families. Don’t worry, they put captions on the videos in case you’re rusty!


40 Voices from 40 Locations

During our #DayforHPU virtual celebration – what better way to celebrate than with a virtual concert of 40 students, faculty and alumni voices from 40 locations! Watch this exceptional performance of a song from “Les Miserables”!



High Point University Young Alumna Works on the Frontlines of COVID-19 Pandemic


Nicole Merry is a League of Loyal Alumni member and one of many HPU alumni working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Upon Nicole’s graduation from HPU in 2019, having successfully earned a degree in Biology, she accepted a position as a Patient Care Technician at Carroll Hospital in Westminster, Maryland. When she began her position in October, she never imagined what the first year of career would hold. Gone are the days of her low-stress predictable routine, now every day is different as the situation is constantly evolving. Nicole shared that new policies and procedures are being implemented each day in order to protect the staff and patients. “It is difficult to remember the volume of new procedures, and physically challenging to not only wear protective equipment all shift, but also keep mentally sharp in this stressful situation” says Nicole. “I work with a team of amazing and dedicated healthcare professionals that support each other and make sure we are always doing what is right and safe.”

Carroll Hospital has made tremendous efforts to be as prepared as possible for an influx of COVID-19 patients including implementing a no visitor policy, adding a drive through testing tent, requiring masks for everyone who enters the hospital, converting the auditorium into an area with hospital beds, and adding at least 12 new hospital rooms dedicated to those who are in critical condition and need a higher level of care due to Coronavirus. Like many other facilities, Carroll Hospital is running low on Personal Protective Equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, but they are continuing to adapt and improve for the future. Like many others in the healthcare field, Nicole goes into each shift not knowing what she will encounter. Unfortunately, her fear is not left within the hospital walls as she worries about bringing the virus back home to her family. However, Nicole continues to persist through the adversity she is faced with every day, and has the hope that we will be able to learn from this Pandemic and be able to be better prepared in the future. As the Premier Like Skills University, HPU equips all students with practical intelligence, communication skills, leadership tactics, and business protocol upon their graduation. These skills give HPU graduates a distinct advantage in facing the challenges we are experiencing today.

Nicole will begin Nursing School in August to continue her healthcare journey, and further serve her community with courage and dedication. “Even though this has been a life changing event for all, it has resulted in confirming my true passion in life of becoming a nurse and caring for others” says Nicole. High Point University commends the faithful courage that all serving on the front lines of the Covid-19is Pandemic are exhibiting. If you are a member of the HPU family, or know of an HPU family member who is on the frontlines of this crisis, please submit a story here.


HPU Community Orchestra Performs "Farandole"

Enjoy this performance by the HPU Community Orchestra playing “Farandole” by Georges Bizet for our virtual #DayforHPU celebration.


HPU’s Stout School of Education Creates Online Math Lessons for Children

High Point University’s Dr. Shirley Disseler, STEM coordinator and associate professor of elementary and middle grades education, and HPU students have created an online math class for children to access while they’re home from school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parents and children in grades K-8 are encouraged to access “Brick Math with Dr. D” by visiting this website. In each video, Disseler uses LEGO bricks and base plates to teach children subtraction, addition, multiplication and other engaging activities.

“The more creative we can make math, the more students will want to engage, and using the LEGO bricks motivates and reaches all levels of learners,” says Disseler. “Making this accessible for kids and parents now allows students to watch and practice with me in ways they have not previously been able to do.”

If you would like to participate but do not have the supplies, you can order them from this website or by visiting your local Walmart to purchase basic LEGO bricks and base plates.

High Point University is proud to support community outreach programs. The Stout School of Education is preparing our future educators and this story is just one example of how our innovative HPU educational model positively impacts the local community. Support for the HPU Cares Fund during these challenging times is providing resources for High Point University to support our faculty, staff, students and community.


HPU Mobile Lab Goes Online for Children During COVID-19 Pandemic


High Point University’s Mobile Lab remains committed to bringing science to children across the community while school is not in session because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HPU’s Mobile Lab leaders are providing a variety of resources online for children to engage in, as well as the opportunity to schedule Meet-A-Scientist virtual sessions. Anyone can access the online activities by visiting this website.

Activities include coloring pages where children can submit their page via email and receive a certificate of completion, a virtual Meet-a-Scientist opportunity and two Cell Art Collaborative events that are happening throughout April that include an online showcase of science-inspired artwork and a keynote presentation featuring HPU alumna Casey Garr, founder of Garr Biomedical Visuals.

“We are excited to have created virtual opportunities to grow closer to our community in these challenging times,” says Dr. Veronica Segarra, assistant professor of biology and part of the Mobile Lab’s faculty team. “We look forward to collaborating with our community to create positive experiences that will benefit us all.”

Rachel Berndsen, a senior biology major at HPU, is thrilled to continue to offer science activities to children in the community during these difficult times.

“I am very happy that we can still bring science to kids while they’re home from school and continue to foster their curiosity towards the sciences from a distance,” says Berndsen. “I am very grateful for the impact I have made in the community through the HPU Mobile Lab, and I can’t wait to see how the Mobile Lab grows from here.”

The HPU Cares Fund is providing generous resources to support these community outreach programs and many more. During these challenging times, the children of our community are in need of additional educational programs and HPU’s faculty and staff are willing to answer the call.


HPU Family Supports Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

The High Point University family is giving back to the community they call home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“From health and wellness, to volunteering, to supplying medical provisions for frontline responders, HPU is grateful to reside in a community that takes care of one another, just as we’re committed to helping take care of our community,” says HPU President Nido Qubein. “With faithful courage, our community and our nation will move forward to a better future. Remember that this too shall pass.”

Through the generous support of our faculty, staff, families and alumni, the HPU Cares Fund has provided resources for High Point University to donate the following items to the local community.

  • 14,000 bottles of water are being donated to Greater High Point Food Alliance, Guilford County EMS, Community Clinic of High Point, High Point Fire Department, High Point Police Department, High Point Housing Authority, High Point Physical Therapy Pro Bono Clinic, Macedonia Family Resource Center and Open Door Ministries and other area organizations.
  • 5,000 HPU ponchos were donated to Guilford County EMS in case PPE supplies are depleted.
  • More than 4,000 meals were donated to Open Door Ministries.
  • In the tradition of HPU supporting the United Way of Greater High Point with a $300,000 gift, $50,000 is specifically being designated for the United Way’s Emergency Fund.
  • HPU’s Dr. Kim Reich, associate professor of exercise science, and students are finding new ways to serve children and families during these uncertain times by working with D-Up on health promotion campaigns and activities.
  • HPU’s Dr. David Bergen, chair and professor of human relations and nonprofit studies, partnered with D-Up’s PNAC on Washington Street in High Point to collect and distribute food to socioeconomically challenged families.
  • Undergraduate science students are writing letters to retirement home communities.

This is a glimpse of how HPU is helping the surrounding community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


HPU Celebrates Honors Day

Honors Day is a High Point University annual tradition to celebrate the many academic, campus life and leadership accomplishments of our students this past academic year. Congratulations to all!


Today is #DayforHPU

The time has come and it is time to celebrate! It is #DayforHPU! Please join the entire High Point University family for a day of HPU joy and virtual togetherness. Our celebration will showcase presentations and video segments from faculty, staff, students and alumni as they share their passion, talent and love for HPU. Today is also about supporting High Point University! If you are able, please make a gift to the HPU Cares Fund, which was established to meet the University's greatest needs during these challenging times.