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The Job Shadowing Program is open to all students but is most beneficial for second-semester freshman and sophomores who have not yet committed to an academic major and career direction.  The Office of Career and Professional Development works with students to facilitate job shadowing experiences locally and in cities across the country.  When possible, students are connected to an HPU alumnus or HPU parent who is interested in assisting in this way.

Shadowing can occur during:

  • Fall Break
  • Winter Break
  • Extended Summer Break
  • May through August 
  • Locally throughout the academic school year 

To participate as a host, please complete the Job Shadowing Form.

Details and Benefits for Host:

Host provides the student with a half-day or entire day of substantive exposure to a typical workday and the culture of the organization, including observing interesting tasks/activities and thoroughly explaining your work; although this is primarily observation, you should provide the student an itinerary for the experience.  When possible, you should introduce the student to colleagues who can also share professional insights 

Host should share a general overview of the specific job and the general industry/field, including hiring trends.  Serving as a host gives HPU alumni and parents the chance to contribute to the personal and professional development of a student, which often results in feeling more connected to HPU.  You can gain fresh perspectives and insights from a college student which can prove helpful when interacting with younger employees - YOU just might learn from them! 

Details and Benefits for Student:

  • Offers an inside look into a field of interest
  • Helps refine carrer goals and provide a forward-moving direction
  • Allows student to make valuable professional connections and begin to develop a relevant network  
  • Makes student BETTER PREPARED to apply for internships and jobs

“Having a HPU student shadow me for a day was fun.  The student got to experience a “day in the life of” a Special Event Designer with all of the craziness my job entails. We went to a planning meeting for ‘Rock the Block,’ our New Year’s Eve concert with fireworks.  And the student went with me on a site visit where the client was interested in having live camels for a Wednesday hump day party.  The student met many of my colleagues and interacted with other departments within the resort as well.  This student had an eye-opening experience and I hope that I helped him determine if planning and designing for special events is a good career fit.”  

Mariel Mackintosh-Eldridge '01, CMPSpecial Events Designer, Boca by DesignBoca Raton Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort 


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