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Hometown: High Point, North Carolina

Your biggest challenge on move-in day: Because I was an off-campus student, I did not participate in move-in day. 

How has HPU helped you achieve your goals: HPU laid out the foundation that lead to my successful career today. My experiences helped me grow from a shy person to become an outgoing person and motivational speaker. I thank HPU for giving me all the tools, the opportunities and especially the gift of the extraordinary education to get where I am today. 

Mentor at HPU: My most impactful mentors at HPU were Dr. Kelli Sapp, my advisor, and Dr. Charlie Ward, my chemistry professor. Attending HPU as an adult student with 3 children and many health challenges was no easy task. With the encouragement and help of Dr. Sapp and Dr. Ward, who believed in me and kept pushing me to the end, they helped me overcome many obstacles and graduate when I didn’t think it was possible. Sadly, Dr. Charlie Ward is no longer here with us, but he left a great legacy of believing that every student has the ability to become anything they want to be at HPU. I am forever grateful for these two mentors who changed my life forever. 


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