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Current Location: New York, NY

Reflection on move-in day: I distinctly remember moving into my room in Finch Hall in August 2013 and feeling excited but also terrified. I was the first/only person from my high school to attend HPU which meant I didn't have a "safety net" of friends. While I was extremely nervous I also remember that feeling disappearing within an hour of meeting my welcoming classmates and fellow hall mates. HPU creates such a welcoming environment that I felt completely at home within just a few hours of moving in.

How has HPU helped you achieve your goals: I directly correlate the success I have had post graduation to the incredible programs that High Point University offered me as a student. If it weren't for HPU In The City, HPU Connects, or #DayforHPU I never would have built the network of professionals in the NYC area as quickly as I have. I am proud to say that HPU's focus on holistic learning has not only given me the knowledge to be successful at J.P. Morgan, but has given me the tools and networks to ensure all my professional dreams are within reach.

Mentor at HPU: During my time at HPU, Randy Moser was consistently my greatest mentor. Rather than setting limits and boundaries, Moser, inspired me to break through walls and come up creative solutions to business dilemmas. His positive attitude and desire to see me succeed got my gears churning and ultimately helped me unlock the potential I didn't even know I had!


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