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Hometown: Raleigh, NC

About her company: Bringing a classic spin to custom rug design, June St. George officially made its debut in early 2018. June St. George offers custom rug collections, designed in North Carolina. All rugs are available for purchase on junestgeorge.com. A simple and flexible 5-step process takes the customer through selecting a base design and layout, selecting a material, selecting colors, adding a monogram and submitting the order in selected size. With lasting quality, our bespoke rugs become family heirlooms. 

How has HPU helped you achieve your goals: One of the keys things I learned while at HPU was how to balance putting thought and care into the details while maintaining my “big picture” vision. HPU has incredible details both in the way they care for their students and beautiful campus that surrounds them. But HPU never strayed from what the foundational beliefs and their “big picture.” As I build my business there are numerous details I decide on daily. My time and experiences at HPU taught me how to layer those details to build June St George’s culture. At June St. George, we believe that our client’s space should reflect who they are and who their family is and we strive to help our client’s create family heirlooms to last for generations.

Mentor at HPU: Nido Qubein is an exemplary role model for so many aspects of entrepreneurship. I go back to the lessons he taught me in my freshman year over and over and keep up with all that he is doing to stay inspired to be extraordinary. He could have built a campus and university from the templates that have come before. But he chose to invest in the students and innovate in the way we learned. When I decided to start my own business, I wanted to do something new and exciting. Bringing the world of customized rugs to the everyday customer was a challenge, but it is always worth it to get to do something new and exciting. I heard over and over that my idea to create affordable custom rugs was impossible. But I chose to follow Nido’s lesson and innovate, while staying true to my core values. All those presentations, portfolio building, the accounting classes, the manufacturer visits off campus we did... it all funneled together and made me prepared to take on opening my own business. HPU  prepared me in countless ways to create June St. George. From the beautiful details around campus to the real world experience, HPU has been a critical part of my success.



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