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Hometown: Lake George, New York

Post-graduation plans: Dreher will be taking on the role of associate business intelligence and data analyst with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals following his graduation in the spring. The role was created as a continuation of Dreher’s internship, and he will be responsible for the new manufacturing and business intelligence program for the manufacturing department. This includes the enabling of data gathering and analysis, presentation and visualization of manufacturing data and metrics, and the development of robust predictive analytics capabilities. His role will also  allow him to participate in other related project management initiatives when needed.

What was your biggest challenge during move-in day? Did you have any fears/concerns? Did that uneasiness go away as you got settled in?: Being 744 miles away from home was a big change. I remember it didn’t really sink in until I spent the first night in my dorm after my family left. The second night I began feeling so excited about what was to come. My roommates and I took turns calling our parents to tell them how excited we were to live together and how they shouldn’t worry, even though they will anyway!

How has HPU helped you achieve your goals: The life skills and business acumen taught in classes, seminars and through networking opportunities have prepared me for the workforce as it is going to be. I am entering into a position that did not exist six months ago at a company that is experiencing exponential growth and development. At HPU, I have been prepared for a fast-paced and ever-changing environment from day one, which is a greater gift than I could have ever asked for. I remember entering Career & Professional Development as a Freshman when my friends at other schools were just beginning to consider what they wanted to study and had given little thought to their careers. I already had a four-year plan in place by the end of first semester freshman year. Since then, they assisted me in improving my interview skills and personal brand and working my connections to make things happen.

Mentor at HPU: My mentor at HPU has been professor Randy Moser. He served as my academic advisor, fraternity advisor, and close personal advisor during my time at HPU. I sincerely thank him for teaching me how to sell my own brand. He taught me that an interview is like a sales pitch and should be just as persuasive, if not more so.



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