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Hometown: Banner Elk, NC

Your biggest challenge on move-in day: Because, I had already lived in a dorm prior to freshman year in 1991, I felt well versed after 4 years of living at The Pennington School; my real fear was being further away from home and not seeing my parents often enough. The uneasiness dissipated after a few weeks after hanging with my new College Tennis mates. Finch was a nice dorm as well. I was lucky to be at HPU.

How has HPU helped you achieve your goals: While attending HPU, my Tennis Coach, Coach T and English teachers like Mr. Gaspeny and many others, took personal time and energy to make sure I sailed in the right direction. My Coach reminded me and taught me to be a better teammate and competitor. Mr. Gaspeny helped me organize my thoughts and emotions and balance my homework better. Thus, in 1994 I was a Millis-Scholar Athlete and with the assistance of Coach T, I was also All- Conference...none of which would have happened with out these two pillars that only a school like HPU has as life maps.

Mentor at HPU: Mr. Jerry Tertzagian, my tennis coach and friend took personal interest in keeping me in check. My tennis improved because of the values he demanded from the players; "Dont Sweat the Small Stuff" he would preach to me. Be thankful. Be kind. I was a lucky kid to have such a mentor and Coach.


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