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Hometown: Nashville, TN

Reflection on Move-In Day Freshman Year: I'll never forget move-in day at HPU. Traveling from Baltimore, MD, I was definitely a little nervous, but as soon as we pulled up to my dorm and were greeted by the move-in crew and fun music, I knew I was stepping into an atmosphere of joy. That atmosphere wasn't simply a "show" for freshmen; it remained sincere throughout all four of my years at High Point, and taught me that I was capable of creating that atmosphere myself, wherever I traveled afterwards.   

How has HPU helped you achieve your goals: Ever since I was little, I've always known that I was born to be a speaker. Learning from Dr. Qubein in both his freshman and senior seminars, truly inspired me to continue pursuing and developing my gift of public speaking. I also attribute much of my success to the "nothing is impossible" mentality that the HPU atmosphere fostered. I truly believe in the power of surroundings, and always knew that the deeper meanings and internationality within the details of High Point's campus were continuously feeding my dreamer spirit. I have recently launched my own ministry where I speak in schools and churches. My dream is becoming a reality...and my HPU experience had a large role to play in that!

Most Impactful Mentor at HPU: My most impactful mentor was Dr. Hedrick. She guided me through my most challenging academic project at HPU: the Theology senior thesis. It was because of Dr. Hedrick's support and mentorship, that I not only completed my thesis successfully, but found a deep passion and interest for theological studies that I continue to this day. It was after my senior year at High Point that I decided to pursue ministry as a career...and I know God used Dr. Hedrick to lead me to that path.



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